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Westin has developed a proprietary suite of consulting and technology services to provide cost-effective management dashboards. These are based on our combined expertise in utility best practices, system configuration and integration, performance management and business/operations analytics, just to name a few. The value is to assist you in greatly improved data management, timely informative displays, and a cost-effective pathway for data and calculations to feed management dashboards. Westin’s services are designed to impact all levels of your organization based on the specific key performance indicators (KPI’s) needed. We are vendor and technology agnostic. Instead, we pride ourselves in researching and understanding the best products available in the marketplace and select and adapt the ones that best fit your specific technical and functional requirements.

Major Elements

  1.  Effective Utility Management Visioning – Where do you want to be?
  2.  Organizational Alignment Alignment of staffing, resources, services and accountability.
  3.  Core Business Strategies Aligned with EUM Principles:
    • Operations Management – Including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, process control system, operations data management system (ODMS), laboratory information management systems (LIMs), etc.
    • Customer Management – Including customer information system (CIS) for billing and service requests, AMR/AMI, mobile workforce management (MWM), meter data management (MDM), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, etc.
    • Maintenance and Asset Management – Including computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), geographic information system (GIS), capital improvement program (CIP) management system, field mobile technologies, inventory, condition assessment technologies, fleet management software, etc.
    • Financial Management – Including enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource (HR), and financial information systems (FIS) for accounting, payroll, fixed asset records, labor, and material costs, purchase orders, etc.
  4.  Supporting Applications and Technologies – Optimizing the use of GPS, automated vehicle location (AVL), document management systems, etc.
  5.  Existing System Integrations & Interfaces – Getting to “one version of the truth.”
  6.  Business Process Alignment & Optimization – Maximizing workforce and field efficiencies.
  7.  Data Management & Governance – Ensuring accurate and reliable information.
  8.  Performance Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) – Objective performance reporting to make fact-based business decisions.


  • Assessment Findings
  • Gap Analysis
  • Roadmap from “Current State” to a high-level “Desired State” to close gaps and coincide with predicted future of analytics and technology
  • Recommended projects with planning-level resource needs including:
    • Project scopes
    • Budgetary estimates
    • Resource needs
    • Interdependent schedules

The culmination of the assessment will result in an EUM Framework (or Implementation Plan) that will guide future technology investments and the alignment of associated business processes for optimizing utility performance. Our proven approach typically results in identified “Quick Wins” that can be implemented immediately by the utility, as well as substantive recommendations for longer term improvements and optimization.


“Westin did extensive research in order to make the best recommendations for our SCADA implementation.”

Ken Deck | Executive Director, Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company

“Westin demonstrated extensive integration expertise and in-depth knowledge of both the hardware systems and software applications.”

Alfred Ho | Project Engineer, Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario

“Westin Engineering’s team members are highly skilled, dedicated and bring real world experience to a project.”

Kevin Mick | Approvals Engineer, City of Kitchener, Ontario

“Westin was a major factor in the success of the SCADA
upgrade project and I look forward to working with them again.”

John Dulebohn | City of Anaheim, CA

“Westin’s responsiveness and attention to detail truly set them apart and makes working with them a sincere pleasure.”

John Hamilton, City of Ottawa, Ontario

“We have already begun implementing their recommendations and look forward to Westin’s continued involvement and support.”

Joseph Baxter | Dry Creek Plant Manager

always moving in directions that provide value to our clients


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